Workshop Microflow Frontiers

Challenges, new opportunities and change in existing practices and use in new industries sectors.

Research Institutes of Sweden is arranging a free one-day industry workshop on identifying the key trends, requirements, risks, obstacles and meteorological issues. The workshop will also include discussion sessions to take on challenges and develop opportunities.
The workshop will define stakeholders, present and future measurement needs and help shape and support the research and development needed for the continued improvement and use of micro flow technology.

The program reflects the interdisciplinary, multi-sectorial nature of microfluidics. This will be illustrated with examples from leading experts that are currently active in this field. The mix of speakers from industry and academia helps participants to identify cross-sectorial applications and opportunities for microfluidics. In addition to the presentations, there will be special discussion sessions for measurement issues associated with microfluidics.

Target group
This workshop is designed for those who have experience in using or developing microfluidic technologies. This event is also an opportunity for stakeholders with interest in the future potential of micro flow technology, to assimilate information from experienced users and thus get a quick start in the area.

The practice and area micro flow measurement technology pertains to a large variety of applications, from administering pharmaceuticals to patients to problems with fuel injection engines. The concept includes design, manufacturing and use of devices that handle extremely small flows and / or volumes of liquids. Microfluidics devices developed for instance for applications in medicine (synthesis of drugs, the administration of drugs to patients, etc.), analytical chemistry (chromatography, analytical systems based on microsystem technology - so-called ”lab-on-a-chip”), biology, and process industries, mainly the analysis, synthesis and process intensification. Although the technology is still in its infancy as microfluidics has the potential to revolutionize many sectors of the process industry, creating new opportunities and change existing practices. Development in modeling, measurement and control will be required, in order to keep pace with the new designs and applications that quickly developed. The design and manufacture of devices for microfluidic systems, physical interface to the macro-scale systems and the integration of technology in business processes are all present challenges to the use of microfluidics.

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Aslak Felin

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Azra Hajradinovic

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