Cleaning is a process that includes the removal of substances from surfaces. It is a process that we meet in our daily life when we for example wash our floors, dishes, cars, clothes, and also ourselves. Since the result can be immediately observed it is particularly important that the cleaning formulations are efficient. In industry the cleanliness of surfaces can also be important for hygienic reasons, for the production of high-quality protective coatings and in the microelectronic industry.The environmental impact and the current and future legislation need to be considered when developing new cleaning formulations, with often complex mixtures of surfactants, polymers and other additives to obtain the desired cleaning efficiency. A trend today is to shift towards more environmentally friendly cleaning processes using for example more environmentally friendly surfactants, lower temperatures, reduced amount of water and surfactant free systems.

Dirt can be roughly categorised into oily soil and particulate soil

The removal of the oily soil is better understood and is generally considered to be easier than the removal of the particulate soil. This can be attributed to i) the heterogeneous nature of particles with varying surface energies, ii) the fact that the particles can be trapped in pores on the surfaces, and iii) the high attractive surface interactions between the particle and the surface. SP has a number of techniques available in house to study both oily soil and particulate soil removal. We frequently use surfactant affinity difference (SAD) concept and rapid formulation strategies to optimise new cleaning formulations for oily soil removal.


Examples of what we can offer in the cleaning area:

  • Development of phosphate-free detergents.
  • Development of new dishwashing and laundry detergent (powder, pastes, liquid concentrates)
  • Development of cleansers that are gentle on glass (lågetsande).
  • Development of foam for cleaning applications.
  • Characterization of dust and dirt deposits.
  • Development of desiccant in the wash applications
  • Claim Support.


Within cleaning SP performs research in the following areas:

  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Laundry
  • Surface modifications for facilitate next-time cleaning
  • Antifouling
  • The development of a test environment Green Cleaning to promote the establishment of environmentally friendly systems in the food industry.
  • Development of environmentally friendly cleaning formulations.
  • Minimization of glass corrosion in detergent applications.
  • Development of detergents that is gentle on glass (low etching).
  • Development of rinse aids


Genom smart formulering och kontrollerad frisättning kan din produkt uppnå ökad presentanda, mindre sidoeffekter och ökad stabilitet. SP kan vara din partner genom hela formuleringsprocessen. Read more...

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