Polymer Technology

Polymer Technology works with characterisation and evaluation of polymeric materials properties, such as mechanical properties and life length predicition. A major part of our work is the base for certification of products for use in different areas, from packages to buildings.

Polymer Technology deals with plastics and rubbers in many different aspects. We evaluate the mechanical properties of polymeric materials and products durability in their environment of use. 

A great deal of our work involves simulation of natural ageing by accelerated ageing in order to predict the technical life-length of products. 

Packages have a short life-cycle and should disappear directly after use. Our biological laboratory  can evaluate the degrability of these materials  in different environments. In this field we have developed a new certification system, the Kappa-marking.

We also perform test and audits on certified building products such as sheets for buildings, roofing materials and wind protection layers.

Other products that we work with is flooring, vechicle parts,sports equipment, hooses, cables etc. In these fields we are often working with branch or company specific standards. 

Product Durability

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Biological Laboratory

SPs biological laboratory ”Biolab” has gathered SPs biological competence and advanced equipment to be able to meet the growing need for biological testing.Read more...

Sports Surfaces

SP has the largest national resource for testing of sports surfaces. We cover surface characteristics and mechanical properties as well as fire tests and chemical analysis of surfaces.Read more...
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