Product Design and Perception

We assist you in developing succulent, sustainable and healthy food products that meet the consumer demands on aroma, taste, texture and visual appearance. We can also help out tailoring foods for different consumer groups – food that talks to us!

We offer expertise in food and biomaterial functionality and perception with services in:

  • Product and process development
  • Sensory analysis and consumer studies
  • Product design for optimal structure and sensory properties
  • State-of-the art microscopy, aroma analysis and rheometry
  • Ultrasonic technique for monitoring process flows
  • Problem solving and emergency assistance

Our expertise is also applied to pharmaceuticals, hygiene products and interactions between packaging and food.


Rheology is defined as the science of the deformation and flow of matter and describes mainly the material properties of fluid and semi-solid materials. Rheology is interdisciplinary and is used to describe the properties of a wide variety of materials such as oils, foods, inks, polymers, clays, concrete, asphalt e.t.c. The common factor is that these materials exhibit some sort of flow and, therefore, can not be treated as solids.Read more...


The microstructural characterization of materials is a key factor in the understanding of material behavior and properties. The microstructure of a material is formed of a large number of parts composed of particles, grains, clusters, domains of different phases, inclusions, pores and strands, which all together form a continuous body of some kind of shape and design.Read more...

Mass transport

Knowledge of mass transport is important to maintain high product quality in foods and soft biomaterials. For example, water migration leads to staled bread or filled pastry becoming soggy. Fat migration causes chocolate to become grey and loss of texture. Mass transport is also important for liquid up-take in hygiene products, exudate management in wounds and for controlled release properties in pharmaceuticals.Read more...


A crucial criteria for the success of a product is its sensory features, i.e. how the product is perceived by our senses: smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing. It is therefore important to determine what different consumers prefer in different situations and how products can be created, manufactured and preserved in order to meet the consumer demands.Read more...
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