Systems Analysis

The world faces severe energy and environmental challenges that demand major changes over a short period of time. Finding the right strategic path, and implementing the technical changes that will have the greatest effect on such problem areas as energy use and environmental impact, often requires a systems science approach, whether concerned with process optimisation in industry or the creation of legislation and policy measures.

The Systems Analysis section carries out research and custom projects in the field of energy and environmental systems analysis.  Examples are such as cost-effective choice of technologies and fuels in order to tackle the restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions that are likely to be necessary in the future.  Another example is that of improving the efficiency of energy use by major industries, and the role of these industries in an expanded energy system.

We prepare scenarios, status reviews and analyses of the use of energy and resources in areas such as energy-efficient building design, foodstuffs, renewable energy and future motor fuels, smart grids and sustainable waste and recycling/re-use systems.

With our systems analysis expertise, we can provide coordination and management of projects and processes that are complex in terms of involving many different working areas and participants from different types of organisations. Typical examples are the development of a strategy for how Swedish companies and public authorities could work together in order to increase financing in the energy sector, or how parties at regional level could work together to develop a culture of striving for positive environmental benefits.

The basis of our systems analyses rests upon our extensive technical expertise in the fields of energy technology, construction, waste management, foodstuffs and agricultural technology.  With a good balance of research and custom work, we provide our customers and research funding organisations with new knowledge and new technologies, while helping to deliver the benefits of the results of new research.

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Systems Analysis

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