Building Technology

In partnership with other units and subsidiaries the Building Technology unit offers technical evaluation, research and training in the following areas:

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  • Materials and products
  • The building as a system (includes new construction and renovation)
  • Sustainable cities
  • Infrastructure and systems
  • Organisation and management (in production, operation and administrative processes)


Consumers and partners

Our customers and partners come primarily from the built environment sector and the value chains that supply this sector with materials, products and services. The unit also has close partnerships with a number of universities and institutes, and is involved in several EU projects.

Precense throughout Sweden

Building Tecnology has good geographical coverage throughout Sweden, and has operations in Borås, Stockholm, Skellefteå, Lund, Växjö and Falun. 

Activities are divided into the following sections::

  • Bio-based materials and products that are designed to increase the competitiveness of wood, other biomass and recycled textiles by developing high-value end products and assisting in their market introduction. The emphasis is on durability and eco-efficiency..

    Section Manager: Hans Holmberg
    Research and Innovation Manager: Mats Westin
  • Building physics and indoor environment, focusing primarily on energy-efficient buildings that are moisture-resistant and provide a healthy indoor environment. We offer services to material and component manufacturers, builders, designers, contractors and managers.

    Section Manager: Eva Sikander
    Research and Innovation Manager: Johan Nordén


  • Glass, focwork with everything from transparent intelligence and colours that filter out wavelengths to toughened and thin glass, biological glass and mineral wool.

    Section Manager: Christina Stålhandske
    Research and Innovation Manager: Christina Stålhandske
  • Wood technological assessment, which provides services in testing, inspection, damage assessment and training/theme days, primarily associated with the wood, furniture and building industries.

    Section Manager: Stefan Lindskog
    Research and Innovation Manager: Mats Westin
  • Sound and vibration, specialising in helping industry and society to evaluate sound and vibration properties, acoustic design, noise reduction technology, product development support, product experience assessment and sound quality.

    Section Manager: Nata Amiryarahmadi
    Research and Innovation Manager: Dag Glebe
  • Production and processes, with the focus on developing technology and methods that enable sawmills and other wood manufacturers to produce and process their products cost-effectively.

    Section Manager: Hans Holmberg
    Research and Innovation Manager: Mats Westin
  • Wood building technology, which aims to promote timber building for a sustainable society by contributing to the development of products, processes, designs, methods, building regulations and standards that promote the technical, environmental and financial benefits of using wood for building and housing.

    Section Manager: Karin Sandberg
    Research and Innovation Manager: Mats Westin

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