PersoncertifieringA personal certificate from SP Certification means that clients can rely on your authorisation and competence as a quality manager under the Planning and Building Act, contract verifier, inspector, well-driller, timber house erector etc.

The construction sector needs individuals with documented skills and knowledge.  Individuals performing various types of specialised work can obtain an appropriate authorisation certificate from SP Certification.

Accredited areas
Certification processes are specified by requirements from the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.  In addition, the certifying body must be accredited when certifying Construction Work Environment Coordinators, Quality Managers under the Planning and Building Act, OVK Inspectors and Energy Experts.

Sector-specific certifications
SP Certification can assist with the development of certification requirements for sectors for which quality assurance of those working in the sector is sought.  Examples include Well Drillers, Construction Work Environment Coordinators, Property Surveyors, Outdoor Environment Inspectors, Radon Technicians and  Timber Building Erectors.

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