Application forms, product certification

Different certification systems and schemes call for different information from the applicant. This means that we have to use a number of different application forms adapted to the specific task. On this web-site we have collected all forms. The guidance words will help you to find the right form. Alla forms are in pdf and most of them can be filled in directly from a computer. They can then be printed out or saved and attached to an e-mail. We prefer to have it sent to us as a pdf, and that is also valid for the other documentation.

Construction Products (excl CPR)
This form can be used for those Construction Products  that shall be certified for P-marking, Swedish Type Approval and other markings. For Construction products that shall be CE-marked according to the CPR, use the CPR forms.
Construction Products - CPR Construction Products Regulation
These forms shall be used for all CPR-related tasks in AVCP 1 and 1+, AVCP  2+ and AVCP 3
Product certification, general
This form shall be used for areas which have no specific form, e.g P-marking
Notified Body
Specific forms for PPE, MDD, MID, NAWI, GAD are available. For other notified body-tasks, use the general form.
Other specific areas
Here you can find a number of forms for specific areas. The reason to not use the general form is, that these areas claim specific information that is not taken care of in the general form.



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