CE-märkeCE marking is an important part of EU's product legislation and covers, among others, construction products, electrical products, machinery, toys and personal protective equipment.

The health and safety requirements set for the products are specified in EC directives. The manufacturer confirms that the safety requirements have been met by setting up a declaration of conformity and placing a CE mark on the product. It can then be marketed in the common market.

In some cases, the manufacturer must use the services of a notified body to verify that the product complies with requirements. Depending on the product, the notified body carries out type testing and/or inspections of the manufacturers continuous quality control. The notified body then issues a certificate or a report, which the manufacturer can refer to in his/hers declaration of conformity.

RISE is notified body for a large number of product areas. Authorization as a notified body and other services are specified in the listing ‘notified body’ (refer to the link in the border to the right). The list includes directives within both the ‘New approach’ and ‘Old approach’.
A complete list of the new approach directives and the scope within which SP is a notified body can also be obtained by referring to NANDO’s list (link in the border to the right). The list is updated continuously.
A product can be covered by several directives. Please contact SP at an early stage to clarify which requirements apply to a specific product.

RISEs identification number as notified body is 0402.

Read more about CE marking in SWEDAC’s general information (link in the border to the right).

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