Construction products

SP SitacThe most important approval symbols to which certifications and type approvals can lead are the P symbol, the Swedish Board of Housing, Building and Planning's “Fork” symbol, and the CE symbol. In addition to these, there are several other international approval symbols that can be granted

The CE symbol indicates approval of certain properties of the product, while the “Fork” symbol and the P symbol indicate compliance with requirements in Swedish construction regulations.  In this context, "construction products" are components, assembled products, systems etc.

The P-mark

The P-mark is our own certification mark, and can be seen on a number of products.Read more...
Typgodkännande och tillverkningskontroll

Type approvals and inspection of factory production control

Type approval for requirements in Swedish building regulations.

International certification of construction products

CE-marking, the Keymark, Ü-marking etc.
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