RISE Electronics is focusing at electronics for safety and reliability, particularly in severe environments. We perform research in the fields of electromagnetics, dependable systems and environmental durability, as well as carrying out technical evaluation of products and systems.

Examples of application areas include vehicles, machinery, radio and mobile telephony equipment, and other IT equipment.

Our work

Much of our work comes from the strongly export-orientated electronics and engineering industries, as well as from research bodies in Sweden and other countries. Our laboratories have a wide range of facilities, delivering results that are internationally recognised and accepted in markets outside Sweden. We meet the needs of all testing requirements associated with the Low-Voltage Directive, batteries, radio and telecommunication terminals, and the New Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). We perform accredited durability testing of equipment exposed to severe mechanical, climatic and other conditions.

EMC - Electromagnetic Compatibility

EMC is about interference from electrical appliances. RISE has extensive expertise in testing and research in EMC. We also have a unique set of specialized equipment for testing a wide range of products. Read more...

Product safety - electronics

SP has Sweden's most comprehensive resources on a single site for testing and evaluating the safety of electrical and electronic products. Read more...

Dependable systems - electronics

Robust electronics - testing environmental resistance

Robust electronics - environmental resistance

RISE can offer a complete range of tests of all forms of environmental resistance of electronic products.Read more...
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Phone 010-516 50 00, E-mail info@ri.se

The RISE institutes SP, Innventia and Swedish ICT have merged in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner for businesses and society.
During 2017 sp.se will be one of several websites within RISE. Please visit ri.se for more information about RISE.