Environmental durability

Environmental durability testThe Environmental Durability Section performs tests and evaluations of systems, equipment, apparatus and components in respect of their climatic and mechanical environmental resistance.

The work involves testing and evaluation of systems, equipment, apparatus and components, based on specialist knowledge and long experience. We have an extensive range of equipment and facilities, from relatively small 1 m3 climate test chambers in which the internal conditions can be varied very rapidly, to large test chambers with a floor area of over 4 m2. In addition, two of our vibration test rigs can carry climate test chambers. We are accredited for all relevant environmental test standards.

Our coverage

With its wide range of working areas, RISE can provide overall solutions and services, with support during all phases of the product development process and in all technology areas.

We also work with:

  • Development of environmental and test specifications  
  • Failure analyses
  • Design support 
  • Thermal design 
  • Measuring the cleanliness of electronic products
  • Measuring mechanical shock and vibration of equipment 
  • Production and delivery of custom training courses. 

Associated technology areas are those of Product Safety and EMC.

Research cooperation

Research is conducted in conjunction with leading companies and universities at both national and international levels, which assures the scientific quality of the work and that all necessary knowledge can be drawn upon. It is concentrated on new test methods and on new materials for electronic products.

Corrosion testing

We assess the corrosion resistance ability of products.

Large-scale solar and climate simulation - environmental testing

It is increasingly important that all types of end products should be able to survive the extremes of climates and conditions anywhere in the world.Read more...

Vibration and shock testing

Using our environmental test facilities, RISE can determine how well a design withstands mechanical forces from its surroundings.Read more...
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