Product safety

RISE Electronics' Product Safety Section is concerned mainly with various kinds of safety-related testing and evaluation of apparatus, embedded systems and components, for such applications as telecommunications equipment, the automotive industry, the engineering industry and process industries.

We perform testing and evaluation in the working areas of electrical safety and enclosure classification (IP classification).

Specialist knowledge

We specialise in certain product areas, such as battery systems, taximeters, explosive materials and teleterminal equipment. We also specialise in matters relating to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and physical protection, which can mean protection against ESD damage to electronic products or against mechanical shock.  Our work in most of our technology and product areas is accredited, and we are also a Notified Body for explosion protection and for taximeters (MID). 

Electrical safety

We can provide effective assistance in testing electrical safety.

Static electricity and electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Electrostatic charges, and their resulting discharges (ESD), present severe risks to the life of electronic equipment in general, and to semiconductor components in particular. These risks are present as soon as electrostatic sensitive devices (ESDS).Read more...

Battery and hybrid systems, a research area with a battery test centre

RISE Battery and Hybrid Systems is a strong research area in the field of battery and hybridsystem. Working with industry and other research parties, we are developing the solutions of the future for safer and environmentally sustainable transport. Read more...
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