Time and Frequency

The main duty of the time and frequency national standards laboratory is to distribute the Swedish standard time. This is done within the framework of national and international timekeeping, time synchronisation, research and our calibration and development services.

One of the duties of the national standards laboratory is to develop and disseminate methods of measurement within the sector. 

Time transmission and time synchronisation

We perform research and development in areas such as time transmission and time synchronisation, with the help of fibre-optic communication systems, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and the Internet.

Traceability and calibration

RISE provides several traceable services for time and frequency synchronisation to various accuracy levels, by such means as satellite transmission, the Internet, telephone modems and the national Speaking Clock service. 

We also offer calibration services and development of user-specific systems in the sector.




Operating data and statistics for NTP Servers

SP has created a number of web pages that are automatically updated on a daily basis to give you the opportunity to follow the operation and the accuracy of the NTP-servers at SP. Read more...

Time and frequency

Our activities cover calibration of various types of time and frequency measuring instruments.Read more...

RISE ensures that Fröken Ur always tells the right time

Fröken Ur is the Swedish speaking clock service. RISE Time and Frequency laboratory provides the time signal, while Telia distributes it from the laboratory to callers. Read more...
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