Fire Dynamics

The section for Fire Dynamics studies fire initiation and growth from the ignition of a product to a fully flashed over fire. We also study the influence of extinguishment systems and performing research, testing, certification and standardisation in these areas.

We test and investigate product’s reaction-to-fire including, e.g., ignitability, heat release rate and fire gas characterisation. Testing and evaluation of extinguishing media and extinguishing systems, e.g., sprinklers, water mist and fire fighting foam, also constitutes a large part of our activities. Further, we study such diverse fields as fires in underground constructions and tunnels, the environmental impact of fires and testing of components for cars, ships, buses and trains as well as the fire properties of the whole vehicle.

The section has about 100 different test methods. A special field of expertise is fire experiments in large scale, such as fires in vehicles or extinguishment of warehouse fires. We perform classification of products according to national and international regulations. We are notified to the European commission as a test laboratory for so called product standards according to the construction products directive. Our tests and investigations are accepted worldwide.

Research activities include fires in buildings, furniture and the effectiveness of extinguishing media. By using materials data we can calculate fire growth history for example in buildings and furniture. Of special interest is the research on light weight materials for ship construction, fires in tunnels and fires in vehicles with a focus on trains and busses.

Our clients are national and international industry, the EU-commission, regulatory authorities and industrial groups. We also work with consultants, insurance companies and other research facilities. Our activities have a  national base with a strong international flavour.



Fire tests at RISE

Data sheets and descriptions of reaction-to-fire tests on materials
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