Fire Resistance

The fire resistance section deals mainly with the behaviour of constructions when exposed to fire.

In many cases this means standardized type testing, assessments, or inspection of different products as a basis for certification. Our line of business also includes research of the behaviour of constructions and materials when exposed to fire.

We deal with a lot of different products such as storage cabinets and concrete elements for tunnels i.e. it is a big variety of products. Our customers are mainly from the building material industry but we have also customers from the shipping- and offshore industry that frequently test the fire resistance.

Normally fire separating elements are tested. The test results from a test can then be used for classification and certification. We also deal with small-scale testing where the properties of the material are determined which can then be used for calculations of different types of constructions.

Fire Resistance testing

What is fire resistance?

Time-temperature curves

Example of temperature curves.

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