Wood Technology

SP Wood Technology's strategy is based on involvement in the entire chain from forest raw materials, via various forms of processing to finished products in the form of, for example, furniture and elements of building structures.

New department the Sustainable Built Environment from 1 January 2015

On 1 January 2015, the former department Wood Technology and two sections from Energy Technology merge to form the new department the Sustainable Built Environment

We are making these changes to concentrate and extend our expertise as an innovation partner in wood technology, building physics and acoustics.


This involvement is in the form of applied research, development, investigation, various forms of consultancy services and training, as well as in testing and inspection of materials and products in accredited laboratories.

We work in the following area:

Production and processes concentrated on development of technologies and methods to enable sawmills and the timber industry to produce and process their products cost-effectively

Wood building technology the object of which is to support the use of wood in construction as part of the move towards a sustainable society, by contributing to the development of products, processes, constructions, methods, building regulations and standards that enhance the benefits of using wood in building and housing, in terms of technology, environmental impact and costs.

Biobased materials and products concentrates on improving the competitiveness of wood materials and wood-based products by enhancing their value, and by assisting the introduction of new products to the market. 

Quality and testing provides services in the form of testing, inspection, damage investigations, training etc.

SP Wood Technology has good geographic coverage, with branches in Skellefteå, Stockholm, Borås and Växjö. 


Addresses to SP Wood Technology

Box 857, SE-501 15 Borås

Phone +46 10 516 50 00
Fax +46 33 13 55 02
Visit: Brinellgatan 4, SE-504 62 Borås,


Box 5609, SE-114 86 Stockholm
Phone +46 10 516 50 00
Fax +46 33 13 55 02
it: Drottning Kristinas väg 67


Laboratorgränd 2, SE-931 77 Skellefteå
Phone +46 10 516 50 00
Fax +46 33 13 55 02

Visit: Laboratorgränd 2

Vidéum Science Park, SE-351 96 Växjö
Phone +46 10 516 50 00
Fax +46 33 13 55 02
Visit: Vejdes plats 3


Laser measuring fiberangle

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