Wood building technology

Our activities aim at promoting building in wood for a sustainable society by developing products, processes, designs, methods, regulations and standards that enhance the advantages of using wood in building and housing regarding technology, environment and economy.





It is strategically important for greater use of wood in construction that the various skills and areas of expertise should be recognised and applied during the early stages of the construction process. Construction processes, greater industrialisation and extensive use of modularisation and prefabrication are becoming increasingly important, as are products and technologies for flexible design of interiors and exteriors of buildings.

Our involvement in two centres of excellence, Träcentrum Norr (TCN), in Skellefteå-Luleå, and the Centre for Wood in Building and Housing (CBBT), in Växjö, is an important instrument in supporting and following development in wood-based construction. Both these organisations carry out R&D in conjunction with industry and public organisations. We are represented on the management panels of both TCN and CBBT.


Wood Technological Assessment

Our primary aim is to offer services relating to testing, inspection/certification, damage investigation and theme days, mainly related to wood, furniture and construction industry.Read more...

Biobased materials and products

We research and test materials and products in wood technique and wooden buildings to promote the development of so called eco efficient wood and wood-based products.Read more...

Production and Processes

Technologies and methods to produce and refine products in a cost effective manner.Read more...


SP:s modern laboratory for furniture testing is situated in Borås and perform accredited tests according to a number of European, international and national standards.Read more...

Timber bridges

We may participate in all parts of the process in the case of timber bridges, during inspections, final inspections and the training of inspectors, the long-term measurements, testing of designs, calculations and consultations in the case of timber bridges. Read more...

Fire safe use of wood in buildings

We are working with the development of methods for promoting the use of wood as the calculation considerably and secure building materials at home and in export markets.Read more...

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Fire safe use of wood in buildingsTimber bridges

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