Do you want to be able to influence the work that you do and broaden your experience? With SP, you can try new working areas and be involved in several different projects and working areas.

That SP works across the board and in depth is reflected in all our activities, and not least in the opportunities open to our staff.  We actively support personal development opportunities for our staff, regardless of whether you are aiming to expand your knowledge in other working areas or to take on more responsibilities, perhaps at personal level.

Our staff – an important part of the whole

SP is aware of the importance of every single member of staff, and of his or her skills and experience.  For this reason, it’s equally clear to us that we should offer continuation training to all staff on an ongoing basis.  We provide a large range of internal courses, covering the majority of working areas.

Participation in active projects is another way for our staff to extend their knowledge, as many projects are multi-disciplinary and involve input from several working areas.

During annual appraisals, you can discuss your individual targets, working duties and need of specific training

More opportunities

We understand that a proper balance between working life and private life is important.  SP offers considerable opportunity for determining your own work, in such ways as through flexible working.  We also offer a wide range of physical activities as part of our health care support.

We believe in diversity

We believe that a mixture of skills and knowledge, sexes, cultural background, age, education, personal experience and abilities enrich our work and experience by contributing new approaches and additional perspectives.  We see diversity as a prerequisite for good quality of customer relationships, which also helps to create the right conditions for a pleasant and efficient workplace with good working conditions.

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