Doctoral Programmes

Every year, the SP Group hosts about 70 doctoral students: an important element of our cooperation with Swedish universities and institutes of technology.

Being a doctoral student with SP is a valuable stepping-stone to a career in industry or academia.  Our experience of about 200 doctoral degrees over the last 15 years is exclusively positive.  You can be a doctoral student with us on an open-ended employment basis, or on a limited-time basis. 

Research and innovation together

SP works closely with universities and institutes of technology in a number of ways, such as through centres of excellence, specific projects, input as lecturers, and membership of boards and councils.  This creates powerful research areas, and provides contact and potential for advanced personal development for our staff.  In total, we are working in one way or another with about 100 schools or departments in universities, institutes of technology and new educational establishments in all parts of the country.

EU projects

We are involved in several EU projects.  Participation in EU research programmes is an important means of exchange of knowledge and experience, and of contributing to the work of European integration.  In the Sixth Framework Programme we have been involved in about 30 projects, for some of which, with values of up to SEK 100 million, we have been the lead party.  We are aiming at even higher participation in the Seventh Framework Programme, which has been running since 2007. 

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