Thesis projects at SP

Johan Andersson tar emot priset för bästa exjobb 2012Would you like to do your thesis project in one of our fields of technology? Or perhaps you have own proposal for a thesis project? Contact us and tell us more.

Your thesis project is an excellent opportunity for us to get to know you, and build a picture of your knowledge and ideas while you are studying. Which is why we invest in thesis projects. Last year, over 90 students did their thesis projects with us. We also give an annual award for the best thesis project in the SP Group.


Wide opportunities
You can either search for a specific thesis project under "advertised thesis projects" or get in touch with any of the contacts below.


Fire Technology

Margaret Simonson McNamee, tel. 010-516 52 19

Structural and Solid Mechanics

Erland Johnson, tel. 010-516 56 22 


Lennart Månsson, tel. 010-516 50 58


Elisabeth Smedberg, tel. 010-516 53 84

Energy technology

Andreas Johansson, tel. 010-516 51 73

Chemistry, materials and surfaces

Camilla Lundström, tel. 010-516 52 66

Calibration and Verification

Jan-Erik Gardehall, tel. 010-516 50 34

Measurement Technology

Jan Johansson, tel. 010-516 55 04


Wood Technology

Mats Westin tel. 010-516 51 40


Master Thesis at our Subsidiary Companies:



CBI creates and brings into practice knowledge within the fields of concrete, aggregate, cement and natural stone.


Glafo, the Glass Research Institute provides glass research, development, education and technical support, mostly for art, container and fibre glass manufacturers.


Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering is an industrial research institute engaged in research, development and information in the areas of agricultural engineering and environmental technology.


SIK performs strategic and applied research into foods and biotechnology within the framework of an industrially determined, targeted research program, and also as part of joint industrial projects.


SMP is a single company for impartial testing, recurrent inspection and certification within machines, production lines and environmental aspects



AstaZero is the trademark of ASTA– Active Safety Test Area AB, a company that is currently building a state-of-the-art Proving Ground specifically designed for developments in active traffic safety.


SP in Köpenhamn

SP in Denmark is an audited subcontractor for SP in Sweden with test laboratories for EMC, climatic and mechanical testing.


SP Process Development

SP Process Development is helping small and medium-sized enterprises. (SME) and academic research groups to drive ideas from the laboratory to commercial application


SP Processum

SP Processum AB started in 2003 and has developed into a leading biorefinery initiative, both on national and international level. The major part of the activities concern support and initiation of research and development regarding biotechniques, energy techniques, inorganic and organic chemistry and sustainable raw materials.

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Contact Persons

Yvonne Kristiansson

Phone: +46 10 516 50 51

Anita Olson

Phone: +46 10 516 50 44

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