Our business areas form clearly recognisable portals that meet customer needs and give direct access to SP knowledge and expertise.

    Welcome to the SP group

    SP applies its internationally leading competence to the development and evaluation of technologies, material, products, and processes to meet its customers' needs and provide an effective link between research and commercialisation.

    Working with us

    Working with us.


    SP invests in students. We work actively with higher education institutions and universities, and function as a link between academia and industry. About 90 students do their thesis projects with us every year, and we're working actively to increase the appeal of technology as a field of study.Read more...

    It will soon be possible to measure heat conductibility in thin material with the aid of a new instrument

    An instrument which measures thermal properties of micrometer thin material will soon be a reality owing to a collaboration between Hot Disk AB and SP. Read more...

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    Europe's first pilot facility for nanocrystalline cellulose


    Salmon roe helps to treat mouth ulcers

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