Fire suppression systems in engine compartments of buses and coaches

These certification rules set out the rules for certification of fully automatic fire suppression systems in engine compartments of buses and coaches.

The technical requirements are based on internationally accepted standards. Certification is performed by SP Certification. 

Continuous inspection involves inspection by the manufacturer and surveillance inspection by SP.  Surveillance inspection is carried out through visits to the manufacturer, and involves assessment of the manufacturer's FPC. In addition, samples of the finished products may be taken for testing in order to verify that the manufacturer's FPC is operating as intended. 

The certification rules are based on current standards, but may be revised in future, e.g. to harmonize them with future European or international standards.  Revision may also be necessary if new regulations are introduced or if a need for such revision is shown by the results of experience of application of the rules.  If clarification or complementation of the rules becomes necessary, an appropriate PM document will be issued, and will also be incorporated in future issues of the rules. 

The certification rules can be downloaded by the link to the right. (also in German)

You can also find more information about the tests and about the P-marking, see link to the right

Issued certificates are presented in the list below


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Holder of certificate

Marking   Certificateno   Holder   Product/Productname Product information
Märke SC0098-14  Amerex Corporation  V25 ABC + ICE-1
V50 ABC 
Fire suppression system 
Märke SC0596-13  CEODEUX-Extinguisher Valves Tech. S.A  Compact Line  Fire suppression system 
Märke SC1061-13  Dafo Brand AB  Dafo Forrex Fire Suppression System  Fire suppression system 
Märke SC1263-13  Firetrace USA LLC  Firetrace 360 psi ILP with 20 lbs ABC Dry Chemical
Firetrace 360 psi ILP with 10 lbs Black Widow BC Dry Chemical
Fire suppression system 
Märke SC1273-13  Fogmaker International AB  Fogmaker  Fire suppression system 
Märke SC0476-15  Kidde Aerospace and Defense  Kidde Standard  Fire suppression system
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