HEVNEC - Heavy Vehicle Network Communication

The project concerns wireless communication between heavy vehicles and roadside. Wireless communication creates the opportunity to realize a number of features with the potential to dramatically increase both traffic efficiency and safety while reducing environmental impact.

In order to support and develop wireless communication, knowledge and capability have to be built up which leads to higher quality products and allows Swedish automotive industry to continue to be in the front line concerning technology development. This project is a prestudy to provide a sufficient background and platform for future applications for the proposed main project. The purpose of the prestudy is to build up competence and to identify how the situation with regard to wireless communications, nationally and internationally, looks for heavy vehicles. During the work, a number of reports and specifications are developed. In addition, a test site will be included where basic tests can be performed.


Partners are Scania CV AB, TSS Test Site Sweden and SP.


Projects of interest are CVIS, SAFESPOT and COOPERS.


The project is supported by VINNOVA and ends in December 2010.



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