Thermal properties at elevated temperatures

Thermal conductivity, heat capacity, thermal expansion, mass loss, phase transitions.

A full range of material characterisation of thermal properties at ambient or elevated temperatures are available at RISE. We determine properties according to established standards or by using customised techniques and methods according to your needs.

Transient Plane Source (TPS)

The TPS method can determine thermal conductivity and heat capacity of materials from -50 °C to +600 °C for which RISE offers accredited testing according to ISO 22007-2: 2015. Materials can be solids, isotropic and anisotropic, liquids, gels or powders. Shape and dimensions can be customized for each Project. Contact:

Transient Line Source (TLS)

The TLS method is a fast method for determination of thermal conductivity or resistivity of materials from -40 °C to +100 °C with an accuracy of ±5 % and is performed with a portable measurement device. Measurements follow the international ASTM D5334, ASTM D5930 and IEEE 442-1981 standards. Samples must be at least 50 mm (diameter or square) and 50 mm long. Materials can be e.g. soil, rocks, concrete, polymers or viscous liquids. Contact:


Thermal gravimetry (TGA)

Thermal gravimetry can be determined with a variety of gas environments from 22 to 1500 °C. Sample sizes vary from 1 mg to 1 kg. Contact:


Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)

We measure CTE with high precision between room temperature and 800 °C at scanning or isothermal conditions. For water saturated conditions contact, for other environments contact


Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)

We measure DSC according to ISO 11357, ISO 11409, ISO 22768, ISO 14322, ISO 18373 to investigate phase transitions, glass transitions, heat capacity, enthalpy of transitions, kinetics etc. If requested we can offer accredited testing according to several of the common standards. Contact:


At RISE we also perform measurements to determine insulating properties of building materials, density, compositions, absorptivity and a range of other properties. For any questions please contact 

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