Among the most important criteria for the success of a product are its sensory features, i.e. how the product is experienced or perceived with the aid of our senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. It is therefore important to determine what different consumers prefer in different situations but also how products with these features can be created, manufactured and preserved. We can help you develop the product the way the consumer wants it!

Our business operations focus on sensory product quality from the consumer via experience through to chemical background.

Working areas:

We provide answers to questions such as

◾Where exactly in the process are the steps that are critical to the sensory quality of the product?
◾How is a product that provides the desired experience formulated and what does the consumer think?
◾What is the reason behind a wrong smell or taste and how can I deal with the problem?
◾How do food and packaging affect each other?What odours does my process generate and can I do anything about it? 

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