Continuous evaporation for higher throughput!

The thin film evaporator has now been installed and is ready to be used.

SP Process Development’s short path evaporator has now been installed and is already in use. Our first sample of bio diesel has been sent to us and the results can be seen below. 


From left to right: Undistilled biodiesel, the distilled biodiesel and a wax like residue.

Which liquids are suitable to be distilled?
A short path evaporator, is an equipment for gentle distillation of liquids, particularly liquids that have a high boiling point, and are unstable at elevated temperatures.


Technical steps involved:
1.  The inside of the evaporator is held under a high vacuum.
2. The low pressure leads to a lowering of the boiling point which means that the material
is exposed to a lower temperature and thereby a lower risk of decomposition. 
3. The liquid is pumped into the evaporator continuously, where it is spread as a thin film
on the hot mantle. 
4. The thin film is quickly evaporated.
5. The vapor formed is condensed using an internal cooler.  

By altering the pressure, temperature or flow one can control the amount that is distilled.

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