Providing High-Throughput Chemical Reaction Screens for the Development and Scale Up of Sustainable Chemical Processes

The catalyst screening service at SP Process Development is now up and running.

The facility is built around a state-of-the-art Chemspeed™ screening robot which has the ability to perform parallel additions of liquid, carry out automatic weighing of solids, and to run pressurised reactions using reactive gases such as H2, NH3 or CO. The system can be programmed to take out and prepare samples for analysis in order to monitor each individual reaction. These are then analyzed by dedicated in-house equipment such as chiral or non-chiral GC or LCMS. The robotic system supports multi-tier plates ranging from 12 to 96 wells for each plate. Reaction volumes range from 300 mL up to 20 mL depending of vial size.

The catalysis team at SP Process Developmet has a solid and documented collective expertise in various types of metal catalysis, especially aimed at large scale production, and has long-time experience in robotized systems and data collection. The business idea is to use technically advanced equipment in combination with a strong knowledge of catalytic reactions and process development to be able to provide screens which do not simply focus on quantity, but on quality, the ability to scale up and to develop sustainable processes.

As an independent service we are free to offer fully covering and unbiased screens using ligands and catalysts from any manufacturer. We currently have more than 250 commercially available chiral and non-chiral ligands for homogenous catalysis and a wide range of pre-catalysts and heterogenous catalysts. Consequently, these can be combined into thousands of unique combinations. The reaction types include e.g., asymmetric hydrogenation and various palladium catalyzed coupling reactions such as Suzuki, Heck and Buchwald-Hartwig.


In relation to the use of metal catalysts we also have a range of metal scavengers which can be used to screen suitable methods to remove traces of different noble metals in the final products. This service can be offered as a separate activity or as part of a catalyst screen. We are currently also building up our competence and capability to perform biocatalyst screens in order to obtain highly regio-, stereo- and chemo selective transformations by the use of different enzymes.

As part of the service the team is also ready to provide initial feasibility testing from the set of potentially promising catalyst-ligand combinations in order to verify these hits and to produce smaller amounts of technical material as well as to gain early process knowledge.

The flexible robotic system can also be used for general chemistry type screens, especially for cases where a lot of varying combinations of reactants are required or where a lot of analytical samples need to be collected at defined points in time. Such applications typically include kinetic or physical-organic investigations and reaction optimisations using Design of Experiments (DoE).

As a partner you will receive the best possible support from early phase to late stage development.

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