New powerful tool from Mettler Toledo

SP Process Development launches a powerful tool for exploration of chemical reactions and their inherent safety.

SP Process Development will in June launch its services utilizing a RC1 reaction calorimeter from Mettler Toledo. There are several different measurements that can be performed with this powerful tool, like reaction kinetics, mechanistic investigations, reaction heat transfer and gas evolution, just to mention a few.

This instrument will help us to in detail characterize potential safety issues and design out reaction conditions which are unsuitable for large scale manufacture due to safety issues.. It allows us to optimize processes to reach safe conditions, determine most of the critical parameters and reduce the risk of failures on a large scale. A wide range of different types of reactions can be explored with this system, which tolerates temperatures from -20 to 250 °C and pressures from vacuum to 60 bars. The reactor volumes range from 20 mL up to 1.8 L. Both glass and stainless steel reactors are available.

Several different probes can be used for inline measurements which is important for process understanding. These tools are used to investigate for example reaction mechanisms, reaction kinetics, process conversion and crystallization parameters etc.

In order to develop safe processes it is crucial to be able to control exotherms, reagent and product stability as well as gas formation and evolution. In combination with e.g. the C80 calorimeter and DSC (differential scanning calorimeter), SP Process Development can now cover a broad range of chemical process safety investigations which are crucial for successful chemical process development.

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