Efficient use of energy – research and development

Efficient use of energy or energy efficiency means to meet given requirements with as little energy as possible. SP conducts research within efficient use of energy, from component to system level, both for buildings and industry.

Efficient energy use is an absolute prerequisite to meet the world's climate problems, and our security of supply in the future. This requires that the various components and systems work well from an energy and environmental technical standpoint.

Our research in efficient energy use is linked to a number of areas, such as heat pumps, solar energy, district heating and cooling, food refrigeration, comfort cooling, energy efficient buildings, ventilation, indoor climate, energy efficiency in industry and user aspects.

Our projects are of interdisciplinary character and are carried out in conjunction with industry and academia. Our goal is that our expertise in combination with our experimental resources will contribute to greater competitiveness and sustainable development for the industry.

Efficient use of energy – ongoing R&D projects

RISE conducts research and development projects within efficient use of energy.Read more...

Efficient use of energy – completed R&D projects

RISE conducts research and development projects within efficient use of energy.Read more...

HPC - Heat Pump Centre

RISE is the operating agent for Heat Pump Centre (HPC), an international information centre, which promotes the development of heat pumping technologies. Read more...

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