NEXT Timber

NEXT TimberNEXT Timber (Novel EXecution Tools for Timber structures) is a Nordic Innovation Centre (NICe) project.

NEXT Timber will develop an open standard tool for planning and execution of timber buildings that can be used internationally. Multi-storey timber buildings have a relatively small market share, even though modern timber construction can potentially be a very competitive technology, especially when new innovations within building technology and timber materials are utilised. Prefabrication of wooden houses is increasing for increasing construction quality.

An execution standard can provide interface principles that facilitate the use of new technologies with respect to vibrations, acoustics, moisture and fire. This will benefit trade and innovation and further boost the development of the modern timber building technology.

Four work packages are planned:
WP1 Coordination
WP2 Performance requirement principles
WP3 Framework of geometry and connections
WP4 Standard execution of timber Buildings

A workshop will be arranged at the Forum Holzbau Nordic 14 in Trondheim on 24th September at 10:00–17:00. See Workshop agenda in the right column on this page.


Confederation of Finnish construction product industries RT
Tomi Toratti (Project leader)
SP Wood Technology
Joachim Schmid
Anders Rosenkilde
Danish Timber Information
Jørgen Munch-Andersen
Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology
Kristine Nore
Association of Norwegian Roof Truss Producers
Håvard Thorsrud
Tallinn University of Technology
Alar Just
Tallinn University of Technology
Elar Vilt

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