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The Dependable system section at RISE Safety & Transport, Electronics has a qualified staff of almost 20 persons performing contract work for industry and research projects on functional safety. The mix of researchers (Ph.D. and Tekn.Lic) and experienced engineers (M.Sc.) is the largest group for functional safety at a Swedish research institute and there are few research groups in Europe having this size of research effort in this area.

We are an internationally well-known actor in the field of dependability and functional safety and is currently involved in several international and national public funded research projects.

The research group at the Dependable system section has an extensive track record of national and European research projects. Examples of national projects are: HEVNEC, GENDI, SimArch, BeSafe, NG TEST, RelCommH, xEVCO, SAFEPRO, AcSäPt, SHADES and HEAVENS. Examples of FP6, FP7 and ARTEMIS JU funded European projects are: DECOS, eValue, ActiveTest, MOGENTES, SARTRE, Karyon, PROWESS, pSafeCer, nSafeCer and VeTeSS.


Examples of European research projects that we participated in are briefly presented below.

  • The goal of the Karyon project is to provide system solutions for predictable and safe coordination of smart vehicles that autonomously cooperate and interact in an open and inherently uncertain environment. Our main interests in the project are to develop fault injection support, specify a safety kernel for sensor-based cooperative systems and to develop a demonstrator based on a fleet of Quadrocopters, which will stay synchronized and thus fly in a safe way even in spite of faults.
  • In SafeCer, we are using competence from certification and functional safety assessments of our customers’ products. Our contributions includes new methods for development and handling of safety contracts and certificates for safety-relevant systems based e.g. on SEooC (Safety-Elements out of Context) components such as AUTOSAR Basic SW
  • VeTeSS has a focus on how to produce safety cases for sub-systems and components in the automotive domain as required by the ISO26262 standard. We are working with questions such as how to combine and compare fault injection results at different integration levels (unit test, integration test and system test) and at different abstraction levels (models, SW and SW/HW) using a Brake-by-wire application. 
  • The aim of the PROWESS project is to provide the European software industry with efficient and effective testing tools and techniques for web services and internet applications. Our contribution includes testing of non-functional requirements using fault models and fault injection in combination with property-based testing.
  • More information on on-going and completed national and European research projects can be found in the left column on this page.

SHADES: System Safety through the Combination of HMI and Dependable Systems

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AstaZero - Världens första fullskaliga testmiljö för framtidens trafiksäkerhet

AstaZero är en hög- teknologisk testanläggning för utveckling av aktiv trafiksäkerhet. Unika miljöer gör det möjligt att testa alla tänkbara scenarier inom forskning, utveckling och certifiering av framtida trafiksäkerhetssystem.Read more...
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