Active safety systems are enablers to reach the vision of zero killed in road traffic. New test methods and test equipment are needed to test accident scenarios which are not covered by the active safety systems of today.

ATEAM runs in several phases, and in the first phase methods and equipment for accidents involving bicyclists and left-turning vehicles in intersection will be in focus. Accident data will be investigated to find the most relevant scenarios and the test parameters (speeds of involved actors, paths, and so on). State-of-the-art equipment (driving robots, target carriers, and targets) will be evaluated, and modified to suit the needs from the methods.


In ATEAM phase two, the focus will be shifted to on-coming accidents, run-off-road accidents, and accidents in intersections.  Still with the focus to develop methods and equipment based on accident data.


This project is funded by Vinnova through the FFI program.


Project partners (in alphabetic order):
AstaZero (Coordinator)
Chalmers tekniska högskola
SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut
Volvo Cars
AB Volvo

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