BeSafe – Benchmarking of Functional Safety

The aim of the BeSafe project is to identify benchmark targets in automotive electronic systems (models, software, and hardware) and to define benchmark measures and a methodology for performing and using such benchmarks. A common way of measuring functional safety will improve the industry’s ability to provide safe vehicles. Safety is one of the most important areas in the evolution of vehicles. In addition to new vehicle safety systems, we have increasing requirements and focus on functional safety, i.e., a systems ability to stay safe during operation, also in the event of faults. In the EuroNCAP, vehicle safety is benchmarked, assessing the ability of new cars to protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in accidents. This has led to safer cars as well as an increase in public awareness concerning vehicle safety. For functional safety, there are no standardized ways of assessment. There are a number of techniques and methodologies, which are used in more or less ad hoc ways in the automotive industry.


Functional safety benchmarks can be used, for instance, when doing a comparison of different systems with each other, when creating profiles of systems to find weaknesses, when specifying requirements to suppliers, and when estimating the emerging safety properties of a system integrated from a set of components.


Our focus in the project is on the use of model-implemented fault injection to model the effect of sensor failures and to define and evaluate functional safety benchmark measures for behavioral models.



Partners (in alphabetical order)
Chalmers University of Technology
QRTECH                                                                                                                                   Scania
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Volvo Cars
Volvo Technology (coordinator)

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