A number of different studies have shown that a large part of faults within programmable electronic items and systems can be related to the safety requirements specification and the early design phases. There are many different methods and standards for risk management and they can be fairly hard to interpret. As a result hazards are missed and the risk assessments lead to differently heavy demands depending on method and assessor.

The risks implied by this can also, as a contrary of missed or poorly handled hazards, be too expensive and complicated risk reduction measures. Better and more distinct guidance would be preferable to find the right level of the risk management. To create a common view of risk management and risk assessment would also imply a safer product market where a certain guaranteed safety level  would be more consistent.

The Compsoft project is an international cooperation between several independent institutes, aiming to clarify differences that exist between different working fields and which parts of the methods and standards that are hard to interpret and needs clarification. In addition to a project report and courses/seminars as a result of the project, there is also a work in progress to merge two big standards for machines and items with electronic devices and control systems, IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1. These two standards bring up one method each from the commonly used SIL (safety integrity level) and PL (performance level), for estimation of safety levels of safety functions. The results from the Compsoft project can hopefully add important input to the process of merging the standards.

The project comprises, among other things, interviews and enquiries among producers of the concerned products, but also Round Robin tasks where different experts and institutes calibrate themselves against each other to guarantee equivalent assessments.


Project partners (in alphabetical order):
NTNU (Norway)
Sintef (Norway)
SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut (Sweden)
VTT (Finland)


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