Safety is traditionally regarded as one of the most important attributes in the automotive industry. In contrast, unfortunately security has hardly been addressed in software-intensive automotive systems. However, security and safety are intertwined, and security threats against the vehicle could potentially affect the safety of the human being involved.

Furthermore, appropriate handling of security issues in the automotive industry can potentially lead to increased competitive advantage, revenue and uptime. As a result, security aspects must be addressed in a systematic way to achieve overall improvement in quality, safety and security.
Various approaches and methodologies of evaluating safety are either already available or in development. For example, in the EuroNCAP, vehicle safety is benchmarked to assess the ability of cars to protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians in accidents. This has led to safer cars and increased public awareness concerning vehicle safety.


In the Heavens project, we will identify security vulnerabilities in software-intensive
automotive systems and define methodologies along with tools for performing software security testing. A common way of assessing security will improve the industry’s ability to deliver safe and secure vehicles. The results can be used, for instance, when doing a comparison of different systems with each other, when creating profiles to find vulnerabilities in systems, when specifying requirements to suppliers and when
estimating safety properties of a system.

This project is partly funded by Vinnova.


Project partners (in alphabetic order):
Chalmers University of Technology
SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden
Volvo Cars and Volvo Technology Corporation (Project Leader)


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