SHADES: System Safety through the Combination of HMI and Dependable Systems

Automation of road vehicles require dependable systems and safe interactions with the human driver. The SHADES project studies the effects of failures in vehicle automation and proposes methods for safe driver takeover, i.e., safe transitions from high levels of automation to lower levels.

Ongoing research within vehicle automation show the need for safe transitions from high to lower levels of automation, i.e., driver takeover. These transitions which can be triggered by a change in the traffic situation, a change in the environment (e.g. weather conditions), a human error, or a technical error requires an increased degree of driver involvement in controlling the vehicle. The objective of SHADES is to experimentally analyze situations where automation is replaced by manual driving and to propose validated methods for improving the safety of such situations. Driving simulator studies and theoretical analyses are performed. Expected results include an understanding of driver behavior in situations of automation failure together with proposals for added functionality to improve safe inclusion of the driver when the situation requires.


We are the project coordinator and the other partners are VTI and Chalmers. 

Volvo Cars and AB Volvo are part of the advisory board. The project is funded by SAFER and runs from 2011-07-01 to 2013-12-31.

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