Advanced mathematical methods in metrology

SP is working to develop new mathematical methods in measurement technology. Application areas are very diverse as mathematical methods are important in several areas in which measurements are needed.
Evaluation of the Energy Market Inspectorate “Grid use model”

We have evaluated the stability of the Swedish Energy Agency “Preformance assessment model” used in the examination of network companies' fees. Monte Carlo simulation was used to evaluate the model by studying the effects of a milliard random parameter changes.

Is your clock right?

We have developed algorithms for combining measurements from different clocks in order to obtain better time estimates and to provide an associated uncertainty estimate. The algorithms are based on several interacting Kalman filters giving at any time the best possible time estimate together with a measure of its associated quality.

Evaluation of measurements used in decisions on disposal of spent nuclear fuel

We have evaluated from a statistical perspective measurements on bedrock samples taken by Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB). These samples form a base for decisions on final disposal of spent nuclear fuel.  

Repository for spent Nuclare Fuel

Estimate salmon age and colour

We have developed methods to estimate uncertainty in estimates obtained by multivariate analysis. These methods have been applied to such diverse applications as measurements of the quality of salmon fillets and atmospheric moisture content. 

Multivariate Analysis - A Test Case Study 

Is measurement worth the price?

We have continued our development of a new methodology that adds economic factors to classical statistical acceptance sampling. In this way the cost of measurement is balanced against the cost of the consequences of wrong decisions, as a function of measurement uncertainty. 
Optimised Measurement uncertainty and decisionmaking

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