Research within the positioning

Foto: Borås Tidning/Lars-Åke GreenWe have developed a new system for the determination of position, velocity and acceleration based on sensor-fusion technology.
Sensors for vehicle

In a number of vehicle applications, there is a need for accurate determination of position, velocity, and acceleration with a high refresh rate.
Examples of uses are crash tests, evaluation of driver behaviour, driver fatigue warning systems, and studies of wind loads on vehicles.

Development of new system

We have developed a new system for the determination of position, velocity and acceleration based on sensor-fusion technology. This system is based on a combination of state-of-the-art GPS equipment and accelerometers and delivers estimates of the required parameters with a refresh rate of 1 kHz. The system has been evaluated in real traffic situations.
Future possibilities with navigation satellites
Within the GNSS-field is an ongoing development of new systems, such as the European Galileo and the Chinese Compass. The development of these new systems, parallel with the ongoing modernization of GPS, provides new opportunities for improvements in accurate positioning.


In cooperation with the National Land Survey and Chalmers Technical University, we develop strategies for how these systems should be combined to achieve the best possible results. We predict how well GNSS can perform in the future and clarify the measures needed to in order to improve the future accuracy.

Measurement of process and production applications

Traceable measurement technology in process and production applications is a growth area highlighted as a priority research field and in particular in technological studies. Read more...


SP develops new methods for the determination of position, velocity, and acceleration, which both provides better accuracy and the possibility for the use of GPS in environments where it has not previously worked. Read more...

Development of GNSS

SP is also working continuously with the development of algorithms and methods for improved performance and usability of existing systems such as GPS. Read more...
Laser measuring fiberangle

Lighthouse Wood metric

RISE Production and processes and Measurement Technology combine deep knowledge and technical experience and work together in order to improve measurements in the Wood IndustryRead more...
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