Quantum-based standards for DC current and AC voltage

EURAMETArbitrary AC voltage synthesisation using binary Josephson reference.

Efforts to synthesise an arbitrary AC voltage by using a binary Josephson reference have continued and carried out in parallel with, amongst others, PTB, NPL and NMI in Germany, Britain and the Netherlands, respectively.

Steps towards full output voltage

A number of advances has been made but the goal is still not reached. Full output voltage can now be generated by modifying a current module in a bias source developed during a previous EU project.

Software and conduction resistance

Measurements at the SP were able to demonstrate that bias source software could not handle the conduction resistance of the connecting wires properly and NPL will therefore modify the software for the source. In order to carry out measurements with the current software, we have modified the used measurement probe so that the conduction resistance is reduced, but this leads to a relatively high helium consumption.

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