Basket heating tests

A common method used to determine a material's self-heating characteristics in small scale is basket heating tests. There are several different versions of basket heating tests, and the method mostly used by RISE is called "Crossing Point". Parameters such as kinetic activation energy and the reaction energy can be determined by this method.

During a test, the sample is placed in a wire net basket of steel that is located inside an oven with a predetermined temperature. The Crossing Point Temperature (CPT) is reached when the centre temperature of the sample exceeds the other temperatures between the centre and the periphery. By varying the temperature of the oven, or the size of the wire basket, the kinetic parameters can be calculated from the CPT.

Basket heating tests are mostly used for research purposes but there are also standardized versions. One example is the method used for classification of self-heating substance according to the "United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Manual of Tests and Criteria".

Based on basket heating tests (and additional measurement methods) we can offer services such as:

• Investigation of the potential for self-heating or spontaneous combustion
• Risk analysis of storage of biofuels and other organic materials
• Calculation of kinetic parameters, for example activation energy
• Provide suggestions for safe storage
• Provide suggestions on prevention actions and firefighting tactics


The wire basket located inside the oven.

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