Biological waste treatment

SP Energy Technology has broad competence in biological treatment. We run research and perform studies and surveys in the field.

By definition, biological treatment is the recycling of humus, nutrients and/or energy from biological waste by means of aerobic (composting) or anaerobic (digesting) processing. In practise, this includes a number of specialist areas such as source collection of food waste, choice of suitable substrate, pre-treatment of the substrate, the biological process, emissions as well as utilisation of the products produced (biofertilizer, sludge, compost, biogas).

SP is also a certification body for Swedish Waste Management's certification system for biofertilizers and compost, Certified Recycling, as well as a certification body for the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association's certification system for waste water treatment plant sludge, REVAQ.

We also have competence for performing the third-party review of sustainability reports concerning sustainability criteria for biofuels for transport and liquid biofuels.  We also perform emission measurements on releases to atmosphere from biogas plants, upgrading plants for vehicle gas, waste water treatment plants, composting plants, landfills etc.

Emission measurements from biological treatment

At SP Energy Tecknology we perform emission measurements on air emissions from biogas upgrading plants for vehicle fuel, sewage treatment plants, composting plants, landfills, etc.Read more...

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Emission measurements from biological treatment

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