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Surface contaminants, such as salt, may cause major problems and increase maintenance costs for vessels, industry buildings and steel structures in general. Coating failure such as blistering and corrosion may be the result of a too high level of salt prior to painting. The Bresle method is commonly used to measure the level of surface salts.

Sampling and measurement

For sampling, a so-called Breslepatch is used, according to a method described in the international standard ISO 8502-6. The sampled solution can be analysed in various ways and one quick way to do this on-site is by conductivity as described in ISO 8502-9.


All you need for sampling is Breslepatches, a syringe and needle, deionised water and a beaker/measuring glass. For the analysis you also need some kind of instrument, for instance a conductivity meter. In our kit you will  find all you need for a complete measurement of total soluble salts according to ISO 8502-9.

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