Climate network for the food chain

We operate a network that allows food producers to acquire an increased knowledge and understanding of the effect products have on the climate and strengthen their position in the market. Participants meet regularly to benefit from each others’ experience. An unbeatable way to build knowledge, make contacts and accelerate your environmental work!

The fundamental concept on which the network idea is based is that the members work together designing future work and its content. The network is a forum in which companies discuss relevant problems via an open and constructive dialogue.

First with the latest
Our broad contact network throughout Sweden and abroad provides members with early access to interesting research results. Meetings and topic days are arranged within the network in which a wide range of information and experience is actively exchanged between network members, invited lecturers and debaters. This provides members with a unique opportunity to build competence.

You show that you care
Participating in the network shows the outside world that your company takes climate and environmental issues seriously. The network provides you with access to our expert knowledge, quick advice and the opportunity to be kept up to date on the latest findings. Many companies also view network participation as being the starting pistol shot for a specific project – often together with others.

Life cycle assessment of food products

A life cycle assessment (LCA) shows how products and processes affect the environment, from raw material extraction until the product becomes waste or is recycled. Read more...

Increasing the efficiency of food production

SP helps food industries to review and increase the efficiency of their production. We encourage companies to see the link between increasing efficiency and reducing the impact on the environment. Read more...

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