District Heating and Cooling

RISE offers a broad range of services for the district heating and cooling sector, testing of products, emission measurements and research and innovation activities.

Testing and certification of products

Products are tested in our laboratories by simulating various conditions in district heating networks. We offer standardised testing of demand-side products such as substations, heat exchangers and heat meters and components for distribution network such as pipes and valves.

Testing can also be adapted upon request to serve specific demands.
Several product types can also be certified. This can be done according to SP´s quality label P-marking in combination with requirements from the Swedish district heating association, Energiföretagen Sverige, or according to Euroheat&Power certification systems.

Research activities within district heating and cooling

RISE takes part in a large number of district heating and cooling research projects. This includes system aspects of smart energy systems and sustainability as well as innovations and products, from resources and production (fuels, combustion, waste heat) through distribution (pipes, installation methods) and storage to end user (substations, installation technology, prosumers).

Examples of current projects

CELSIUS – EU project on district heating and cooling in smart cities, based on demonstrators and actively transfers learnings to more than 50 cities.

•PhD project about future smarter district heating, such as innovative technical concepts and demonstration systems concerning low temperature district heating. Within the graduate school Reesbe (Resource-Efficient Energy Systems in the Built Environment)

Read more about the Project (In Swedish) 

Pipe Centre

A forum for society, industry and academia that tackles issues and problems relating to pipe and pipe systems. Read more...

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