Calibration - Power and Energy

We offer calibration of power and energy instruments to assure their metrological status. We calibration active, reactive and apparent power and energy both for one-phase and three-phase applications, for three-wire or four-wire connections and for all power factors. We also calibrate AC voltage, current at sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal conditions.

If you calibrate your instruments at RISE you will get a high quality of your own measurements and can minimise e.g. losses due to measurement errors. Traceable calibration is an important tool for quality assurance and using RISE for an ongoing calibration scheme will lay the best foundation to good measurement quality.

Different types of reference meters

RISE realize the power and energy quantities by simultaneous measurement of voltage and current . We use different types of reference meters depending on the application, one-phase or three-phase sinusoidal or non-sinusoidal. We mostly calibrate in the frequency range 50 to 60 Hz but are not limited to that.

Calibration resources

For higher voltages and current we use voltage and current transformers. At RISE there are calibration resources for up to 10 kA and 400/Ö3 kV. RISE also calibrate measuring-bridges and burden of instrument transformer.

Quantum-based standards for DC current and AC voltage

Arbitrary AC voltage synthesisation using binary Josephson reference.

DSWM - a Digital Multifunctional Sampling WattMeter standard

We are pleased to be able to provide for purchase our top-of-the-line power measuring system for power quality. Read more...

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Calibration of multimeters and calibrators

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