Emission measurements

At SP Energy Technology we measure emissions in flue gas such as dust, CO, NOx, SO2, NH3 and TOC. Also components of special interest during waste, for example HCl, HF and Hg, are analysed. To analyse separate hydro carbons and to characterize fine particles advanced instruments are used. Also these measurements can be done on-line.

Conventional emission measurements are normaly done to type test or P-mark different products such as wood stoves or pellet burners and boilers. More specialised emission measurements are often performed during research projects, where for example aerosol particles or separate hydro carbons are of interest.

Resourses och methods

SP has through many years experiences built competence and resourses to measure and analyse many different compunds. For example, an FTIR-instrument is used for more specialed missions. An FTIR can in principle simultaneously measure all compounds that absorb infrared emission. The mission can for example be to analyse carcinogenic hydrocarbons such as ethene, butadiene och benzene. Measurements can also be performed by wet chemical analyses, where the flue gas is condensed and the condensate analysed by an ackredited laboratory. Analyses of itnerest are for example HCl, HBr or HF.

Dust- and particle measurements

Different type of measurements are perfomed on particles from combustion. More advanced measurements may comprose particle mass- and number distribution, or measurements of particle bound PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons). Particle size distribution is measuredbetween 7 nm ti 10 µm and may be performed in real time. 

Real time measurements are done with an ELPI (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor), and particle mass distribution are measured with an DLPI (Dekati Low Pressure Impactor). Particle fractions are chemically characterized during several of our projects. Chemical and physical characterization of particles are done in close collaboration with SP Chemistry and Materials Technology with the aid of advanced instruments (TOF-SIMS och ICP-MS).

Research and Development

We have several research projects connected to emissions from production of heat and power. 

Certification of products

SP has a quality assurance system - the P-mark. Right now, in the combustion area, pellet burners, pellet boilers, pellet stoves, energy grain boilers, wood chip boilers, wood stoves and chimney free open fires are P-marked. We also test and certify products for CE-marking, which in the combustion area involves oil boilers and wood stoves The P-marked products are gatherd on a list on our webside. 

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