Emission measurements in field

Below follows different species and parameters that can be relevant to measure in field.

Instrumental methodes

Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (CO2 och CO)
Oxygen (O2)
Nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2, NOx)
Total Hydrocarbon (THC)
Methan (CH4)

Flow and dust

Flue gas flow
Flue gas temperature
Dust with manual gravimetric method

Wet chemical analyses 

Hydrogen halogenides (HCI, HBr, HF)
Ammonium (NH3)
Hydrogen cyanide (HCN)
Sulphur dioxide (SO2)


PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons)

If You want to measure even more

We can offer measurements of many more species/parameters. An FTIR-spectrometer can be used to measure in field in principle all species that absorb infrared radiation, for example specific hydrocarbons such as benzene, ethene och buthadiene etc.

Dust measurements can include also particle mass size- or number size distribution, or measurements of particle bound PAH. Real time measurments are performed with an ELPI (Electrical Low Pressure Impactor), while mass size distribution are measured with a DLPI (Dekati Low Pressure Impactor).

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