ETAThe ETA (European Technical Approval) scheme is a customer-specific and product-specific requirement specification for CE-marking of construction products for which there are no applicable harmonised product standards.

An ETA can be issued for innovative or complex products for which there is no standard, or for which a standard cannot at present be drafted.  ETAs can be issued for products that differ significantly from the requirements of harmonised standards, serving as temporary solutions until a harmonised standard is available.

ETAs, which are issued in response to an order from a customer or manufacturer, are based on the six essential requirements in the Construction Products Directive, specifying those requirements that are applicable to the product concerned.  The way in which the requirements are applied when evaluating the product is often documented in a guideline, produced by EOTA and European industry.

In the same way as for harmonised standards, ETAs contain instructions concerning the confirmation procedures that have been employed, such as certification, type testing, approval of manufacturing inspection systems etc.  Tests may be required in connection with producing ETAs, but it is not normally necessary to repeat these tests, even though they may be included in the particular confirmation procedure selected. 

EOTA's web site (see the link on the right) includes information on guidelines, published approvals etc.  The Swedish Government has appointed SP SITAC as the country's representative in EOTA.

International certification of construction products

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