Fire suppression systems and test methods

We are one of Europe's largest organisations for evaluation of extinguishing agents and fire-fighting systems, as well as for research in this field. We are involved in standardisation work for IMO, CEN and ISO. We perform standardised fire tests and also develop tests to meet specific requirements and customer needs.

Standardised testing is an important working area, involving testing of fire suppression systems (sprinklers, gas, water mist, foam) and portable fire extinguishers and we are accredited for a large number of test methods.  Other working areas include 25-year control of sprinklers and piping and large-scale testing of fuel tanks.  We also perform forensic investigations of fires.  Our large fire test halls enable simulation and fire tests of real installations and equipment under controlled conditions, and we can provide assistance in classification of goods for optimisation of sprinkler systems.  We help our customers optimise extinguishing systems for their specific needs. 

Research areas include different types of suppression systems, with the aim of optimising fire-fighting, provide data for the development of new systems and producing material as a basis for standardisation.  We carry out large-scale experiments, and conduct extensive research in conjunction with international partners in areas such as fire safety in tunnels and underground facilities, on ships and in fuel storage depots. We also investigate environmental effects of fire smoke and water used in fighting fires.  Results from our research provide fire safety systems that are used throughout the world. 

Customised fire tests and evaluations

Fire Research offer great opportunities to get custom designed tests and evaluations of their products.Read more...

Fire safety at sea

We can offer testing in accordance with IMO:s test methods for water mist systems, gaseous exinguishing systems, pyrotechnically generated aerosoles and high expansion foam systems.Read more...

Industrial fire safety

A combination of intermediate and large-scale fire tests may be the useful to optimise the level of fire safety in industrial facilities. Read more...

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